The 2 Reasons I Started Running

Anyone who knows me will tell you one thing: I hate exercise. I like to think I'm Carrie Bradshaw-esque and that "shopping is my cardio" but unfortunately I don't have the bank account to shop everyday for 45 minutes.

I've recently turned a new leaf and have given running a try for about a month now. Here's why...

1. I'm sick of complaining

I've been pretty unhappy about how I look for the past two years. I haven't been able to wear the clothes I want to, or even fit into the ones from college. My friends and boyfriend can tell you I've been somewhat of a complainer saying "I'm fat" or "I hate how I look" without taking any real action. Broken record status. To be honest, I got sick of hearing myself say the words. If one of my friends complained for two years about how they looked without doing anything about it, I would be pretty annoyed too.

So one day, I literally started running. Very slowly. One mile at first. Then a mile and a half. Walking and jogging. Then, two miles without walking at all. It felt pretty damn good, and excited me to go farther.

2. My anxiety was becoming an issue

I've always been a worrier to some degree but lately I've been feeling off. That it's not just a case of the worries but something more serious. I was becoming anxious at work, at night, hell pretty much anytime of the day. But I also had no real healthy outlet. Sure I was doing all the unhealthy stuff like eating, drinking, biting my nails to their nibs and other destructive behaviors. And they would cure my anxious mind momentarily but not for the long run. 

Now, when I feel anxious my first reaction is to grab my running shoes and just go. It doesn't matter if it's 8am or 8pm. It's become my outlet. I can't sit and stew in my apartment. I'm much better blasting music, zoning out and running it through. 

Currently, I'm signing up for a 5K and working on interval training. I've also signed up for ClassPass to get some toning and strength training under my belt. I'm not saying it's easy, but if I can do it anyone can. 

My secret? Don't make it more than it is. I used to make it such an emotional experience. I would think "What if I fail?" "What if I look fat?" "What if people laugh at me for being so out of shape?" Take all the emotions and 'what ifs' out of it. It's you and the open road. Nobody gives a fuck what you look like if they're out there running too. Go for 5 minutes. See how you feel. I bet you'll feel great.

I'm excited to keep updating you on my progress. Snapchatting has become a motivator to keep me accountable. So follow me at @alexarosieo if you'd like to see more.