Week 1: Food + Exercise Round Up

I received some really positive feedback on my last running post so I decided to keep this train moving. Each week I'll be documenting the fitness classes I'm trying, foods I'm experimenting with and how I'm still fitting alcohol into my weekly routine. Hope you'll follow along!

I signed up for Class Pass's special - $19 for 5 classes. A huge steal. So far I've taken two classes that were pretty good. I'm still running on the weekends because, well, it's free and I enjoy the park.

Monday: Core Fusion Barre at Exhale

Wednesday: SHRINK Session at The Movement

Saturday: 40 Minute Run/Jog at Prospect Park

Sunday: 20 Minute Run/Jog at Prospect Park

 I joined Weight Watchers this week. After a month of working out, the needle on the scale hasn't moved as much as I would have liked. I've done Weight Watchers off and on for the past few years and it's always worked for me. 

After one week I'm already 5 lbs down (with the help of exercise too)!

 I really like exercising alone. There's something about doing it for yourself without having to worry about anyone around you. Call it selfish but it's how I like it.

I also learned that a margarita is like 17 points. I've always loved drinking a glass of wine after work or a few cocktails on the weekend, but I need to start evaluating how much drinking is contributing to my weekly calorie intake.

I feel proud and nervous. What if I can't keep this up? I've come a long way in a month but I'm terrified of having a set back or gaining weight. My goal this week is to relax a little bit and not be so afraid of indulging now and then. 

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