Week 3: This Diet Shit Is Hard

Well the truth this week is I've officially stopped weighing myself. I would do it every morning like clockwork and it really started to take a toll on me. Whether or not I had lost weight would determine how my day would go. I'm trying to stick with what I know. I know that I feel better. I know that I look better. I know that I'm making progress and that right there is enough for me.

Tuesday: 2 Mile Jog

Thursday: MOVE (Dance Cardio + Toning)

Friday: Flywheel

Saturday: 3 Mile Jog

Sunday: Like 10 mins of "Tone It Up"

It's no surprise that the days I'm most successful on Weight Watchers are the days I pack my lunch. I've been trying to get more creative as well as more prepared (portioning out a huge bag of popcorn once I get it). I also went through most of my cupboard and labelled how many points everything was. It might sound crazy but I'll probably second guess grabbing a 10 point cookie rather than a 1 point bag of popcorn. 

I've gotten over my fear of failing this whole diet and exercise thing. I'm just looking forward to the future and see what I can accomplish. I haven't felt this good in a while and I feel like the only place to go is up!

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