The Loss of a Pet

I know first hand how pets can become family. It's one of those tough realizations you have to make when you get an animal, that one day they won't be there. I'm a firm believer that those years with them are worth the pain of their loss.

Recently, my aunt lost her beautiful golden retriever, Yogi. I wasn't sure what to say. Do I leave her alone? Send a text? Send a card? After some research here's what I found that one of the best ways to honor the loss of a friend's pet is to share a memory of them. It can be simple or detailed, but it will help the owner see that their animal contributed positively to someone else's life. 

So, I grabbed a card from Mr. Boddington's Studio and wrote her how much I loved spending time with Yogi.

Have you done anything in the past when a friend lost a pet? I'd love to know.