8 Reasons We Should All Respect Britney Spears

I've been a Britney fan since I was allowed to go to a NSYNC concert with my mom and she opened for them. After her performance I tapped my mom and said, "I like her."

The journey continued. In fifth grade I wrote an essay on the universal meaning behind "Baby Hit Me One More Time". It didn’t stop there. All throughout college I would get my friends to pregame parties to live concerts of Britney. They may have fought me at first, but believe me by the end they were all asking for the DVD. 

Well Britney's back, and in a big way. Here's why everyone deserves to give her a second look - 

1. She's not afraid to cry. Publicly. On Barbara Walters.

2. She doesn't mind hogging the spotlight.

3. She's doesn't take herself too seriously.

4. She wears her heart on her sleeve.

5. She can totally poke fun at herself.

6. She's the ultimate girl's girl.

7. Let's not forget where she's been.

8. And where she is now.

Alexa BernsteinComment