Week 2: Food + Exercise Round Up

I started this series to write about the truth about losing weight. But, today I wanted to lie. I wanted to write that I had lost another five pounds and felt great.

The truth is I didn’t lose a pound this week. I weighed myself last weekend and realized I hadn't lost anything. So what did I do? I bought another scale on Amazon. Convinced that the scale was broken. Nope, not broken. Same number. I now have two working scales in my bathroom and I'm freaking out my boyfriend.

I was really down on myself about this for a few days, but I’m slowly coming out of it. Why am I letting a number on a scale take away from all the progress I’ve made? I fit better in my clothes. My arms are looking better (something that's been bothering me for years). My tummy doesn’t feel as bloated. I’m eating healthy and working out. For me, that’s HUGE. But because the number still feels so high I’m ready to throw all of that away. 

Tuesday: The Hybrid-Bootcamp/ Shadow Boxing

Saturday: 40 Minute Run in Prospect Park

To be honest, I didn't get to exercise as much as I wanted this week. Mostly due to working late I couldn't make a few classes I had signed up for. 

Weight Watchers has been tougher than I remember. Especially when going out to dinner. I can't believe how many points are in guacamole and chips! I'm now a firm believer that my body reacts to diet way more than exercise. My good friend just got an exercise and food diary and I'm thinking about getting one as well to stay on track. I also need to find some good lunch and dinner recipes. I often find when I make my own food I can really stay on track better.

Be outgoing. Be honest.

I haven't really spoke openly on this blog...ever. I'm nervous about what people think of me 99% of the day. But recently, someone told me to say 'fuck it if people don't like what you're saying you don't have to listen'. That's kind of what I'm doing here. Let's be real, my life isn't really designer dresses and posing against walls in Brooklyn. There's more to me than that and I think I'm finally ready to share it.

I want to try to stay more accountable to Weight Watchers and exactly what I'm eating. I'm going to try to be better at measuring food portions...and alcohol. I already feel better with some changes I've implemented, but I know I can do better.