A Few Thoughts...

  1. I bought this to master the cat eye - probably a total waste of money, will follow back up.
  2. I now have a two drink max on all future dates.
  3. I had my first call with a financial advisor and feel like I will never master the art of the financial diet.
  4. I can't go a week without french fries...sometimes not even a weekend.
  5. I'm going to try to get all of my holiday gifts from Etsy this year.
  6. I'm envious of people who love the holidays. I wish I looked forward to them, but sometimes they make me feel lonelier than ever.
  7. I have now replaced all of my wine and vodka drinking for Old Fashioned's. Rocks cubes included.
  8. Toying with the idea of a lob. Am I crazy? Ugh...only if Kristen Ess does it will it be allowed.
  9. Is this what happens in your 30s? You slowly start to care less what people think? I'm only 29 so I still care, but by April I won't give a fuck.
  10. This year feels like it went by so fast, yet the days seem so long and it gets dark so early. Anyone else?