Beauty Review: Lancôme Cosmetics

Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo / Lancome Matte Shaker High Pigment Liquid Lipstick / Lancome 'Bienfait Uv' Super Fluid Facial Sunscreen

Since entering my late twenties (gah!) I've been taking my skin care regime more seriously. As a youngster of 21 I didn't think twice about going to sleep with my make up on. But these days things are looking a little uneven, dull and well just not pretty.

That's why I was excited to test out Lancome's new product line. Let's start with the Vissionare Crescendo...

1. This is a 28 day nighttime peel. For the first 14 nights you use Phase 1, and the last 14 nights you use Phase II. According to the website: 

After 1 night of using Phase 1: Skin feels smoother and is more radiant
After 3 nights of using Phase 1: Skin tone appears more even and fine lines are visibly reduced
After 14 nights of Phase 1: Pores appear reduced
After 28 nights of Phase 2: Wrinkles and dark spots are visibly reduced

At first I was taken back by the smell - in the best way possible. It's the cleanest floral scent I've ever smelled in a facial cream. It went on smooth and the next morning, yes, my skin did feel smoother and brighter. I'm excited to see how the next few nights go!


Now this is something I'm pretty excited about. The stuff is brilliant. I love a matte lipstick, but they always seem to make my lips look dry and cracked and never really stay on. This matte liquid lipstick is IT! Goes on smooth, stays on smooth and never feels dry. I'm buying my mom a light pink for mother's day.

Here I am wearing my matte liquid lipstick in Pink Power

Lancome Bienfait UV Sunscreen
Soft matte finish and ultra-lightweight texture leaves skin feeling comfortable, smooth, soft.

And last but actually the most important thing you can do for your skin: sunscreen. You have to be loco to not wear sunscreen these days, amiright? I've completely started adding this lightweight sunscreen to my everyday routine. I love how it goes on super soft and leaves my skin feeling hydrated without being greasy.

I received these products free or complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.