Bite Beauty Lip Lab

bite beauty lab

As you may have seen on Instagram Stories that I had a total 'me' day on my birthday. I tried to do all the things that I usually can't do during a busy work week, which included going to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab

I was gifted the "Bespoke" package last week and didn't have a chance to use it until this week! It includes two custom made lipsticks. I was a little apprehensive to go since I'm not really a 'lipstick' girl. I like more matte glosses than anything and thought I really couldn't pull of a lipstick. Boy was I wrong.

First, you choose from around 200 different pigments. I just went with what I'm usually drawn to - light pinks. Then you can choose your finish: glossy sheer, matte creme and amuse bouche (more of a hydrating matte). After thinking I would choose the matte creme, I ended going with the amuse bouche because this girl needs some hydration on her lips. Now, this is pretty cool, you get to choose a scent for lipstick! I ended up choosing vanilla and violet. 

The colors that looked best on me were a light pink and a mauve. We named them accordingly - "Birthday Cake" and "The New Rose" - how cute! 

I sincerely had a blast. I would recommend anyone visiting the city to make an appointment far in advance because they book up fast. It was such a fun experience and I wish I had had a girlfriend to experience it with.

Go get your beauty on!